Adding a Twitter feed to Moodle

Last year Twitter changed their API which caused a lot of custom blocks which implemented the Twitter API to stop working. Today I will tell you how we can re-add this feature into Moodle without any block development.

1. Open the Twitter account that you want to show in Moodle and navigate to this page:

2. Click “Create New” to create a new widget and copy the html code to your clipboard (Ctrl + C)

2. Turn on Editing and add a new HTML block. You can do this by turning editing on on the home page, find the “Add a Block” block, as shown below, and then select “HTML”.

3. Click HTML Source view. (The first picture is the Moodle 2.5 and below shot, the second is 2.6)

4. Paste (Ctrl + V) the widget code into the HTML editor it should look something like below.

5. Save your changes and view your new Twitter block in Moodle.


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