How to make a multimedia page in Moodle with the Page resource

This post explains how to create a webpage on Moodle that contains pictures, videos and hyperlinks to websites and files.

Turn this:                                                               Into this:

1 list of files2 example page









Many Moodle courses are simply lists of uploaded files. By creating a page you can explain content and links rather than relying on students to understand the files by the filename alone.

This post assumes that you know about turn editing on, how to add resources to a course and familiarity with settings pages.

Moodle Page resource

The first thing to do is add a page resource to your course. This will create a link in the course list which opens a webpage.

Turn editing on, click add an activity or resource and choose page resource.

The settings screen is very simple. Add a name (which will be the name of the link), and give an optional description.

The page is written in the page content area.

3 page settings

Creating links

Adding a link to a piece of text is easy. You can link to websites or files.

Creating a website link:

 1 Highlight some text

2 Click the link icon

4 create link highlight text click link

3 The insert edit link box will appear

5 create link link box

4 To add a website link type the URL into the Link URL box. For example to make a link to the BBC website enter into the Link URL box.

5 Click insert and the link has now been created

8 create link link created

To add a link to a file

1 Follow steps 1,2,3 above.

2 When the insert edit URL box appears, click the browse button (red highlight below):

6 create link file

3 This opens the Moodle file picker. Choose the file to link to, and insert it.

7 create link file picker

4 The text link has now been created.

8 create link link created

Adding a picture

There are two ways of adding a picture, by using a URL of a picture on the internet, or upload a picture to the Moodle server. Both are explained below.

First, in the editor box put the cursor to the position on the page where you want to add the picture

Click the insert image icon:

9 insert picture icon

To get the image dialog box:

10 insert image

You can insert an image from a URL or upload an image.

Insert image from URL

In the insert / edit image box, enter the URL of the picture in the Image URL box:

11 insert image by URL

This will preview the image. If you’re happy with it click Insert.

Upload a picture

If you want to upload a picture from your PC then open the Insert Image box and click Find or upload an image.

This opens up the file picker where you can upload a file or browse recent files. Upload and select the file you want to use and click insert.

This will display the image in the editor.

If the image is too big click the image to select it and use the drag handles to resize it

Manipulating the picture – resize and alignment

12 insert image resize image drag handle

The image is inserted into the page. However we need to align it with the text.

13 insert image align text 1

Aligning an image with text

Right click on the image and choose Insert edit image

14 insert image align righ click edit image

Choose the left alignment to place the picture on the left, or right to put the picture on the right.

15 insert image align align is left

The image is now left aligned with text on the right.

16 insert image align image aligned on left

 Adding Video

Adding video is a similar process to adding an image. Use the add a media button which is next to the add a picture button:

17 insert video media button

Click on “Find or upload a sound, video or applet” button, and you will see the file picker.

18 insert video upload button

Upload the file (.flv flash video is guaranteed to work in Moodle, other file types might not work. We have another post following soon about media types).

The video will be displayed as a blue link with the file name.

19 insert video link on editor page

When you click save then the video preview will appear:

20 insert video link on page finished

Here is the final page:

21 finished page

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