How to upload and view different types of video files in Moodle

Moodle can play several different file types, but the player often does not recognise and display the video preview window correctly.

You can upload mp4, avi, wmv and wemb video files to Moodle. To get them to play correctly you have to rename the file to “.flv” in the link.

Follow these steps:

Upload the video as normal using the file picker. This example is a .webm video type.

22 upload video 1

Insert the video and see the link in the editor:

23 upload video 2

Right click on the link, and choose Insert/edit link:

 24 upload video 3

Rename the Link URL from “webm” to “flv”:

25 upload video 4

26 upload video 5

The video preview will then appear:

 27 upload video 6



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