How to use Rubrics

Rubrics are a way to assess work using criteria. The assessor sets up a series of statements that reflect the different levels of criteria fulfilment and then assesses the work using a rubric grid.

From version 2.2 moodle supports rubric grading. This requires several steps, explained below. This guide uses Assignment for the rubric grading example.

1. Use advanced grading as the grading method.

Go to the assignment activity and edit settings

1 assignmenteditsettings



2 Select Rubric from the grading method drop down.

2 rubric grading method

3 Create the Rubric from the advanced grading link on the assignment administration menu.

3 admin advanced grading


4 If this is your first Rubric, then you need to define it.

Click Define new grading form from scratch.

4 define rubric

5 Add the criteria

 5 add criteria


6 Click in the box to add items

 6 edit rubric

7 Add criteria and points using these buttons

 7 adding criteria and points


8 Save the Rubric using the “save and use” button at the bottom of the screen.

 Grading using Rubrics

To grade an assignment, navigate to the grading screen for a particular assignment (View grade all submissions > Grade).

To grade the assignment, simply click the box which is relevant. The score will be recorded.

8 grading assignment

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