Moodle 2.6 HTML editor updates

Moodle uses the TinyMCE editor as a default. With version 2.6 this has had a makeover and there are some changes in the way it works.

The old style TinyMCE editor looks like this.

1 old editor

The new Moodle 2.6 editor looks like this:

2 new editor

There a few things worth knowing about the new editor…

Collapsed and Expanded views

The editor starts in collapsed view. Click the button in the top left to expand the editor’s toolbar.

Collapsed View

Collapsed View

Expanded View

Expanded View

The essential toolbar buttons explained

Creating a text link – highlight some text and click the chain icon. Use the button next to it to remove a link, and the chain with a cross through it to prevent a link on that text.

5 editor toolbar button explain links


Adding Media

These three buttons control adding media to the editor. You can add pictures, video and also manage files that are within the editor.

 6 editor toolbar explain media

7 editor toolbar explain media 1


Viewing HTML

To view the HTML code click the <> button. This will show the HTML code in a new window. You can edit the code and save it back.

8 editor toolbar explain html


You can find text using the binoculars button.

9 editor toolbar explain find



Toggle fullscreen mode

You can put the editor into fullscreen mode using the arrows button.

 10 editor toolbar explained find and replace

As you can see, the new editor is a lot nicer to look at, and still has lots of useful features that help you to create engaging content.

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