Using Moodle with Young Pupils and Pupils with Poor Literacy Skills

Moodle is an incredibly versatile virtual learning environment and is widely used in secondary and further education.  Moodle is also a popular virtual learning environment in primary schools, with children as young as four or five years old using it.  Naturally Moodle is going to be used differently with younger pupils or those with poor literacy skills.

Courses will need to be visual and interactive so that it engages your pupils and encourages them to learn outside of the classroom.  Rather than having a lot of text you should try to use audio or video for instructions.  Photographs taken in the classroom are a great visual aid and can be used to lead a discussion at home as to what the pupil did in school today.  This can help a pupil practice their speaking and listening skills and improve their ability to recall an event.  There is a great feature of Moodle called a ‘Label’, which will help you to create an accessible and interactive course for your pupils.


Such a simple word does not begin to describe how versatile this feature is.   Labels can very quickly bring your course to life, encouraging your pupils to engage and enjoy learning using Moodle.

The content of the label appears directly on the course page, rather than being a link like an assignment or page resource.  You can add text, multimedia and images to your label.  Labels with images and video content help to make your course look more interesting.  It breaks up long lists of activities and resources, which is not at all imaginative.  Whilst your pupil is working down the list of activities they may be encouraged to do so just to get the appealing label with a video on, whether it is from YouTube or a video that has been made at school.

The more functional uses of a label include adding attractive sub headings which will help to keep order to your course, to add instructions or pose a question for your student to think about.

Teaching Idea

If you are using Moodle with young children you could add most activities into a label producing a purely visual course that they can easily work through.  You can add video and audio files, photographs and images and web links to educational games.

Below is an example of a course created on Moodle using only the Label resource.  It uses the very little text, the only time it is used is as guidance for parents.  The course is age and ability appropriate and will be enjoyable for your pupils to work with. Creating a course like this is relatively easy for a teacher to do and is not at all time consuming.  We would encourage you to take a look at the Label resource and appreciate the flexibility and ease of use it has to offer.

moodle label


Image of the book cover. Screen shot of official website which is also a hyper link, when clicked on you will leave Moodle and go to the official Winnie the Witch website.


An embedded video from YouTube.  It can be played from here, your pupil will not leave Moodle.


An embedded video from YouTube.  It can be played from here, your pupil will not leave Moodle. Guidance notes for parents, using text.


An audio clip of the teacher asking how they would have painted Wilbur.  The colouring page can be printed out.


An embedded video from YouTube.  It too can be played from here.


An audio clip of the teacher asking the pupils to let her have their completed pictures to her so that they can be uploaded to the VLE for everyone to look at.

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