About Us

Since 2003, we've been working with businesses and educational establishments throughout the UK and abroad to develop the best in web-based educational software.

Our core belief is that web technology has the potential to revolutionise learning, and our aim is to provide learners in all sectors and at all levels with the necessary tools to take that leap forward.

As well as developing our own e-learning products, we work with a range of partners to bring our clients the most cutting edge software and services.

As the world’s most popular open-source learning platform, Moodle naturally complemented our existing product range, and since we became an official Moodle partner in 2006, we’ve overseen hundreds of successful installations.

Moodle Partners are a group of competent professionals who are serious about providing quality services to users of Moodle software, ranging from basic support to the development and implementation of complete ICT solutions.

Our Partnership indicates that we are dedicated to a particular vision of supporting Moodle now while developing it further with common goals. All Moodle Partners contribute directly to the ongoing development of Moodle software via funding or expertise.

The Moodle Trust

Since becoming a partner, we have overseen hundreds of successful installations in the UK and worldwide.

For more information on Webanywhere, you can visit our main company website at www.webanywhere.co.uk