Moodle Homework Block

Make homework easy to handle with the all new Homework Block for Moodle.

Using the new homework block you can:


Keep track of individual students’ homework

Parents, students and teacher can all keep track of individual progress, meaning parents can see what homework their child’s been assigned and reports can be created for an overview of student’s work.


Submit homework online

Instant submission means no more forgotten exercise books and no more excuses. Let students finish homework without having to wait for the next day to hand in. Take the weight of their mind and yours.


Plan ahead

Sort out homework plans for the entire term and have it automatically roll out. You can set assignments for entire classes with the click of a button, and even schedule in multiple homework paths for different levelled classrooms.


Personal hand in

Use the homework block to monitor when students have handed in projects that can’t be completed online (like art projects). An easy way to stay on top of homework admin.


 The Homework Block is now available see our dedicated Homeworkanywhere site for more information.

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